Et la fête continue...

An evening of French chanson, with music by Piaf, Brel, Ferré, Kosma and Barbara

Duo Horizons

Singer: Annina Gieré

Accordion: Mario Strebel

Who does not know the timeless and unique melodies of the legendary Edith Piaf, the Belgian Jacques Brel or the unconventional Barbara! The French chanson from the Paris of the 1950s is firmly anchored in French cultural tradition and continues to inspire people around the globe.

With its ever present melancholic undertone, the chanson tells everyday stories - the small, seemingly meaningless and yet essential moments of life that are familiar to us all. It tells of the thrilling and dark nightlife of the cabarets and music halls of Montmartre, it tells of street artists and fairs, of prostitutes, soldiers and sailors, of cities like Paris, Vienna or Amsterdam and of course always of dreams, disappointments and the eternal theme of love...

The two young artists Annina Gieré and Mario Strebel lead us through the pieces with commentaries and dedicate their programme entirely to this music, whose irresistible mixture of passion and fragility still moves us with its authenticity in the 21st century...