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Les Lynx  (Duo Horizons)


The Duo Horizons consists of the singer Annina Gieré and the accordionist Mario Strebel, both classical musicians with a parallel passion for other genres. Duo Horizons is mainly dedicated to French music, especially French chanson. They sing in French, while the audience is guided through the programme in German. Annina Gieré spins a fine thread through the pieces and makes full use of her acting side - oscillating between astringency, melancholy, euphoria and comedy.


The programs

Et la fête continue...


An evening of French chanson with music by

Piaf, Brel, Ferré, Aznavour Kosma and Barbara


Who doesn't know them, the timeless melodies of the legendary Edith Piaf, the celebrated Charles Aznavour, or the unconventional Jacques Brel! The French chanson from the Paris of the 1950s continues to inspire to this day. With its always melancholic undertone and its irresistible mixture of passion and fragility, the chanson tells everyday stories. It sings of the exhilarating as well as gloomy nightlife in the vaudevilles of Montmartre, it sings of street artists and fairs, soldiers and sailors, cities like Paris, Vienna or Amsterdam and always of dreams, disappointments and the eternal theme of love... 
The songs are sung in French, while the Duo Horizons guides in German  through the programme. Annina Gieré spins a fine thread through the pieces and makes full use of her acting side - oscillating between tartness, melancholy, euphoria and comedy.

The interplay of the versatile, sonorous accordion and the expressive voice relentlessly transports the audience into the turbulent world of the chanson. Allons-y, mesdames et messieurs!


French Baroque meets French Chanson


A dialogue between ancient heroines by Rameau, Lully, Gluck and others and everyday heroines by Brel, Barbara,

Ferré and Piaf.

In her euphoria, her dreams, passions and fears, an Antigone comes astonishingly close to the simple girl from 1950s Paris.
As heroic as a Dido or Phèdre may appear, they are fragile inside. As perspective-less as the figures of French chansons may seem, they are down-to-earth and self-confident. Their destinies, be they in the distant or near past, connect and move us still.

French composers translate the ancient heroines into baroque opera with such urgency and sensitivity that they remain explosive to this day. And the melodies from the Latin Quarter or Montmartre of the 20th century, with their melancholy undertone, still captivate audiences worldwide. 

The combination of these two styles - both intrinsic to the French soul - creates a captivating dialogue of French music - a bridge from baroque to chanson - a programme that is a matter of the heart for the two artists Annina Gieré and Mario Strebel. 

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