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Theatercourses at the HeuBühne

Physical theatre


Together with actor and theatre pedagogue Carlos Becker, Annina Gieré runs theatre courses with performances for young people and adults at the HeuBühne, the idyllic small theatre on Lake Zurich.
The courses are dedicated to physical theatre - for adults, mask theatre, specifically the style of human comedy that brings archetypes of societ
y onto the stage with expressive masks. On the one hand, there is play, improvisation and own creation, on the other hand, technique and craft of movements with and without masks. In addition, the participants build their own professional masks under supervision.
For young people, the focus is on comic strips (bande mimée), a dynamic, funny, creative and versatile style of physical theatre - perfect for inspired young people!

Whether you want to get a taste of theatre for the first time or you're an old hand on the boards, you're welcome at HeuBühne!

30 Jahre ATM
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The 2023 performances took place in April at the HeuBühne, Atelier Theater Meilen. The next courses will start again in spring 2024. 

Previous Courses


Maskentheater 2023

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Maskentheater 2022

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Bande mimée 2020




Team Carlos Becker & Annina Gieré 
Co-Leitung, La dernière assemblée des animaux, FR

Team Carlos Becker & Annina Gieré 


Theater HeuBühne, Mariafeld

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