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Theatre courses on the HeuBühne

Physical Theatre


Actor and theatre maker Carlos Becker and singer and actress Annina Gieré run theatre courses

for teenagers and adults on the HeuBühne.


The focus lies on PHYSICAL THEATRE according to the method of Jacques Lecoq.

After workshops in the theatrical style of the Comic strip (Bande mimée), a theatre course on the Human comedy, Masktheatre now follows:


Limitless are the possibilities of humans to make an audience laugh, cry and dream with only their body and voice! How do we make human emotions, interests and driving forces visible in body language? How do we bring archetypes of our society onto the stage? How do we work with the voice on stage? How do we move with a mask and how do we make one in the first place? All these are parts of the course and come together in the Human Comedy. Public performances on the HeuBühne conclude the course.

30 Jahre ATM

Upcoming Courses 2023 for Teenagers and Adults

Theatre course for Teenagers - Comic Strips

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Would you like to immerse yourself in theatre for three months, playfully and artistically express yourself and develop theatrically? Would you like to move, dance and speak on stage? Are you excited about letting your creativity run free and bringing it to fruition in performances under professional direction in a real theatre?

Then come and join us at the HeuBühne!


With the style of comic strips, you will bring a dynamic, funny, creative and versatile theatre style of physical theatre to the stage with your peers - perfect for inspired young people!

Go boys and girls and sign up!
We are happy to welcome you!

Flyer_2 Vorderseite.jpg

PDF Flyer Course Teenagers

What: The course is dedicated to physical theatre, specifically the energetic style of comic strips that allows us to tell all kinds of stories with our body and voice alone. On one hand there is play, improvisation and creating your own, on the other hand technique and craft of movements as well as learning cinematographic and comic elements.


WhoTeenagers between 13 and 18 years with or without theatre experience. The course is run in German and English.   

Teaser: Stories from Latinamerica
In the style Comic Strips, Theatre company with Carlos Becker  

When: Every Friday (19.00-21.00) from 3 March 2023 (except Good Friday and spring break).

Rehearsal weekends on 13/14 May and 18/19 May

Performances: 20 and 21 May


Where: Atelier Theater Meilen, HeuBühne

General-Wille-Strasse 169, 8706 Feldmeilen,


Price: 500 CHF



                      077 410 93 62


Deadline of registration: 20 February 2023   

Theatre course for Adults - Masktheatre


Would you like to immerse yourself in theatre for two months, experiment with your physical and vocal resources, develop your theatrical skills and also get involved in crafts by building your own professional mask? Does it thrill you to give free rein to your creativity and bring it to fruition in performances under professional direction in a real theatre?


Then come and join us at the HeuBühne! After an intensive and inspired mask theatre course in 2022, Carlos Becker (actor/theatre maker) assisted by Annina Gieré (singer/actress) is looking forward to running a theatre course again in spring 2023.

Whether you want to get a taste of theatre for the first time or are an old hand on the boards of the world, you are welcome here!

PDF Flyer Course Adults

What: The course is dedicated to physical theatre, specifically the style of human comedy, which brings archetypes of society onto the stage with expressive masks. 
On the one hand, there is play, improvisation and own creation, on the other hand, technique and craft of movements with and without masks. In addition, the participants build their own masks under guidance. 

When: Every Saturday (10.00-13.00) starting 4 March 2023
Rehearsal weekends on 15/16/17 April and 22/23 April                                                       
Performance: 29 and 30 April 


Where: Atelier Theater Meilen, HeuBühne,

General-Wille-Strasse 169, 8706 Feldmeilen,


Price: 550 CHF 



                     077 410 93 62


Deadline of registration: 20 February 2023                                                              

PDF Rehearsal schedule in detail 

Previous Courses

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Participants Human comedy

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Scenes from Human Comedy


Scenes from Human Comedy


Mask making, Human Comedy


Participants Comic strips


Rehearsal Comic strip

About Carlos Becker

Chilean actor Carlos Becker graduated from the La Mancha – Escuela internacional del gesto y del imagen (International School of Drama, Santiago de Chile) and until now has worked regularly with 10 different theatre companies. In addition to classical theatre, he is also very active in physical theatre, mask theatre, puppet theatre, commedia dell'arte and as a theatre clown. 

The making of masks and puppets, as well as trumpet playing complement his artistic work. Festival and theatre performances have taken him to many parts of Latin America and Europe, including with the successful rock and clown orchestra La Ciscu Margaret or the theatre company Viaje Inmovil. Carlos Becker currently lives in Switzerland, has spent the past year working intensively on mask theatre in Italy (Commedia dell'arte) under the direction of Maestro Antonio Fava and co-directed La dernière assemblée des animaux in France.

Carlos Becker.jpg

Rehearsal La dernière assemblée des animaux, France
Co-Direction Carlos Becker & Annina Gieré 


Carlos Becker & Annina Gieré 

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