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Pulcinella ammutolito

Speechless Pulcinella


A poetic and funny piece of Commedia dell'arte by Antonio Fava

Text/Direction/Costumes/Masks/Music/Acting: Antonio Fava

Acting/Singing: Annina Gieré


An ArscomicA production

Antonio Fava, Italian doyen of Commedia dell'arte, and the singer and actress Annina Gieré act and sing together a multilingual, comic and poetic story, in the tradition of the Pulcinellata, a romantic continuation of Commedia dell'arte. Pulcinella, dreamer and fantasist, the poorest of the poor, the hungriest of the hungry, roams the streets of Naples and finds himself speechless in the most diverse incidents. In his adventures and dreams he meets, for example, the equally mouse-poor Zezza, the enchanting Serena or the petty-minded Fosca.

Annina Gieré interprets various figures around Pulcinella, played in turn by Antonio Fava, who wrote the piece and is also responsible for the music, the direction and the masks.

The colourful and fantastic world of the Pulcinellata still enchants today, perhaps even more than ever before...

Commedia dell'arte was the first professional theatre. It originated in Italy in the 16th century, but quickly spread throughout Europe thanks to the travelling theatre troupes. Commedia dell'arte means mask theatre, improvisational theatre (i.e. plays that alternate between improvisation and fixed scenes) and portrays various characters, i.e. types such as Arlecchino, Pantalone or Colombina, which still perfectly reflect society today.

Commedia dell'arte combines different languages, dance, music and acrobatics and remains to this day a feast for the eyes and ears!

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