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Singing lessons/Coaching


Wherever there is singing, you can relax,

bad people have no songs.

Folk saying

Annina regularly and with great pleasure teaches singing students.

From beginners to semi-professionals, teenagers to seniors, with her diverse group of students she produces a joyful and creative atmosphere in which to form and seriously develop the voice.

She works with enthusiasm in all desired styles, be it classical, musical, jazz or chanson.

Annina teaches in Herrliberg, or online via Skype, in which she has several years of experience.

If you are interested or would like a trial lesson, please contact Annina:

+41 77 410 93 62 or


Pompeji, Fresko, 32 n.Ch.


Annina Gieré with her great sensitivity, her tremendous presence, her fine ear, her vivid linguistic expression, her calm and patience, her pedagogical skills and her wide-ranging musical knowledge, with all her youthful spontaneity, leads me more and more to the spaces of resonance and sound and musical expression within myself. This path means happiness for me and is something like coming home: Body, soul and spirit begin to vibrate and unite. A constant search for the ever more beautiful sound accompanies my life.


Originally I came to Annina to work on my pronunciation while singing because I was told that she can help a lot with phonetics. And indeed she can - she has brought my German, French and Italian in singing to a professional level and has taught me so confidently that my pronunciation has now become almost perfect. Annina has also opened up a whole new world for me as regards interpreting opera and song and we regularly work on expression. In addition, she guides me technically, both reliably and confidently. Annina is a great teacher in all areas and I would recommend her to anyone!


I came to Annina as a teenager and have worked with her for two years now. She teaches with so much infectious joy, mastery and sensitivity that I am now even considering studying singing. Thanks to Annina I can develop my voice more and more and the lessons with her are simply fun!


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